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Education Computing works to guide and promote the use of technologies and digital media to address teaching and learning needs, and create virtual and physical environments where educators, learners and collaborators can excel.


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New Team Member: Vanessa Aller, Education Training Specialist

Vanessa joined our team as an Education Training Specialist on July 31st. She brings extensive experience helping organizations with the planning, design, development, and delivery of training and education assets.  

Attend one of the Canvas for Course Builders sessions Vanessa is facilitating in September at Longwood. Visit our Knowledgebase to learn more.

Photo of Vanessa Aller

MAY 23rd - All in one @Webex Board devices for student collaboration went live in the new @harvardmed student study and lounge space!
Just touch to connect. Special thanks to the @hms_edc AV team for all their work. @CiscoCollab

Webex BoardsWebex board closeup

Training Portal Offerings:  A new way to sign up for Education Computing Trainings at HMS is here!  With a Harvard Key login, you can now find offerings on the Harvard Training Portal (https://trainingportal.harvard.edu) for Webex and Spark, AV Training for spaces at HMS, and the Drop In Ed Tech Clinics (the last one you can also just drop in to, as the name implies).  On the portal, browse by ‘Business Technology’ or search for ‘AVC’ to pull these three up.  Take a look at the other offerings as well – there’s a lot to learn!

Spark Pilot:  We’re working with a Global Education program to pilot the use of Cisco Spark, a communication tool.  Click here to learn more about Spark.  The rich features of this tool will allow groups of students to more easily communicate with each other for projects within the course, in addition to faculty communication!

We have redesigned our Knowledgebase to make it easier to use and search. We would love to hear your feedback on the new design!  Check it out at: edc.hms.harvard.edu/help
Business Systems and Integration Services (BSIS) has partnered with the Master’s Programs to implement the new AMP Admissions System.  The Global Health Delivery and Medical Education are first to go live with their Admission Applications process.
Business Systems and Integration Services (BSIS) partnered with the HMS registrars to host the first ever course lottery in OASIS!  Students picked preferred AISC courses, the lottery was run, and student enrollment was maximized according to preference.

Audio Visual Communications (AVC) invites you to information sessions to become acquainted with classrooms and conference spaces. If you schedule or conduct presentations on the HMS Quad you won't want to miss these sessions.

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